Zhengyu Wang


Zhengyu Wang is a seasoned veteran in business and high-tech agricultural products. He founded Tantech Bamboo in October 2002 (then known as Lishui Zhonglin High Tech Co., Ltd.) and he has served as Chairman and CEO ever since. From November 1998 until April 2003, he was General Manager of Lishui Forasen Foodstuff Co., Ltd. Prior to that, from 1994 to 1997, he served as General Manager of Lishui Jingning Huali, Co., Ltd. From 1990 to 1994, he served as a board member of the Lishui Farmer’s Economic Committee. In addition to his efforts with our Company, Mr. Wang also manages the business operations of Forasen Group, a company he owns with his wife and our director, Ms. Yefang Zhang. Forasen Group is a PRC company with several subsidiaries that are engaged in a variety of businesses, including without limitation rubber trading, mushroom sales, biomass power generation, and marketing. In addition, since February 2017, Mr. Wang has served as a director of Farmmi, Inc., another Nasdaq listed company since February 2018. He has been the executive director and/or general manager of various subsidiary companies under us and charcoal business related companies. Mr. Wang has also been the Chairman of Daxing’anling Hualin Investment Management Ltd. Co. since November 2011 and Daxing’anling Forasen Energy Technology Ltd. Co. since March 2009, and the executive director and general manager of Harbin Forasen Energy Technology Ltd. Co. since December 2013, and of Hangzhou Xinying Industrial Co., Ltd. since December 2013. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China in June 1990. He has been appointed as a director because, as our founder, he has significant experience in leading and advising our Company and understands our industry.