Electric Vehicles

Besides our bamboo charcoal based products, Tantech invests in green electric vehicles. The vehicles fit perfectly with the environmentally friendly policy Tantech has. We created three diverse types of vehicles.

Urban Sanitary Vehicles

The Urban Sanitary Vehicles work with high efficiencies with low operating expenses. They travel (clean) around 20~30 km/hr with fuel consumption rates approximately 3.33 km/liter. The vehicles are equipped with professional sanitary vehicle chasses, with front axle drives & front axle steering to strengthen their operations’ stability and smoothness; the whole vehicle is made of strengthened steel plates and pipes, making it more durable and anti-collusive.

Electric Logistics Vehicles

The Electric Logistics Vehicles are 6-meter-long 100% electricity-driven vehicles exclusively designed for logistics companies. The vehicles are made of high quality steel stamping bodies with high endurances. Both the spacious inners and the ingenious car door designs are made specially for deliverers’ conveniences.

Tourist Buses

The Tourist Buses are 12-meter-long and 7-meter-long lithium-battery-based buses whose interior noise is less than 76 dBs and off vehicle acceleration noise is less than 82 dbs. Their fuel-saving rates are up to 50% and emissions rates are lowered 75%.